A Miqo'te from the burning sands of Thanalan, his lust for knowledge is just as strong as his passion for battle...among other things,T'seya Thorne | Balmung | PST

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  1. Sirene (or my character's name, I don't care too much).

  2. 32yo. PST (GMT-8). nonbinary (he/they).

  3. I’ve been RPing for ages now (seriously I’ve lost track of the years…) across other MMOs, forums and even the livejournal/dreamwidth days! My writing style generally is paragraph format, but I am flexible and don’t mind matching the style of who I’m writing with. All types of RP is good with me, though I'm fond of/down with long term RP especially. Slow burns, drama, long lasting friendships, wild shenanigans...it's all good to me. Same with mature and darker themed RP, though if you're concerned about a theme just run it by me first!

  4. Discord is my preferred go to for RP but writing in game or even a mix of both is completely chill with me, especially if we’re in wildly different timezones. I do love getting to meet in game when possible though, if that's the vibe lmk and we can arrange something!

  5. As T’seya is a very sexually open/forward character, I'm no stranger/am okay with quickie/oneshots and general ERP with him!

  1. wu/t = okay RP tag on= I'll usually respond back in IC

  2. okay with M/E/RP, but send tells first to discuss.

  3. discord available upon request

  4. keep IC and OOC separate, do not blur the lines.

  5. no lalafells, but everyone else is fair game!


NAME. T'seya Thorne (Tia)
ALIASES / NICKNAMES. Seya, Spring Cat, Lazybones.
DOB | AGE. 25th day of the 5th Umbral moon (October 25th). | 24
GUARDING DEITY. Nald'thal, the traders
HEIGHT | WEIGHT. 5’8 (173cm) | 170lb (77kg)
JOB | OCCUPATION. Dragoon/'Scholar' (read: arcanist)| Unofficial dragoon, sword for hire, bodyguard
PLACE OF ORIGIN | HOME | AFFILIATION. Western Thanalan | Ishgard | Dragoons of Ishgard
FAMILY. Two fathers, T’rizah Tia and Sajhra Salaheem
EYE COLOR | HAIR COLOR | SKIN TONE. Ice Blue | Dark purple w/ light purple highlights | Sunkissed tan skin
NOTABLE FEATURES. Very muscular build, long bushy fluffy tail, always covered hands, distinct fangs, always wearing a pair of glasses (usually fake, sometimes a pair of reading glasses to be believable), heavy scarring especially on his back, chest and hands. He wears a gold earring in his right ear- A keepsake/charm from his father Sajhra to ensure safe travels and protection.

PERSONALITY. T'seya is a very flirtatious, impulsive man, chaotic neutral in the most extreme sense. If it's to his benefit, he's willing to not look deeper than face value of what he's told, won't look past who someone says they are. He learned thanks to circumstances sleeping around will get him what he wants (or at least what he thinks he wants) so he's used to leading in with that first, bragging about his physical stamina and his clearly earned 'wisdom'.BACKGROUND. T'seya originally was born in Western Thanalan to two loving fathers T’rizah and Sajhra, a bard and a dancer. He picked up the art of dance better than he did the bardic arts, and he grew into a fine dancer under his fathers' tutelage.When he was old enough to seek out adventure on his own he set out for the city of Ul'dah, and was met with the harsh realities he'd never known living in the small town he was born in. For starters, many expected him to care more about the tribal expectations and traditions like other seeker miqo'te did, but he was never subjected to it growing up. As such the hierarchy of Tias and Nunhs never really made sense to him nor did he care for it, wanting to be seen as his own person and not just a Tia hoping to become the next tribe leader and having the right to a harem. As such he was often teased for secretly being focused on that and little else beyond the urge to breed, and to prove he was a smarter man who wanted more than that. As a result it was then he started using makeup to cover his clan markings before leaving the city to head to Limsa Lominsa to study and become a scholar.T'seya sought out the Arcanist's guild with the intent and hopes of becoming more than what everyone claimed he was meant to be, if he could show off that he could master the art of summoning for battle and protection to help people, that would show them he was more than what people teased was his nature, that he was his own man. The Arcanist’s guild took him in easily enough taking his eagerness as a sign of good potential, but it didn’t take long for T’seya to realize it involved a lot more work and dedication and time than he wanted to put in to do what he’d seen more advanced students do, impatience making him want it all sooner rather than later. As a result he started tuning out his classes, ignoring his books because they were boring or hard to understand, and more or less picked up the bare minimum of being able to summon a carbuncle by sheer luck. Surely being able to summon to mean he could do everything now, which gave him hope.Naturally nothing else came of it, the carbuncle, which he never named fed off of his energy and aether and it wasn't long before it ignored his orders, and fought back when he tried to corral it to do anything at all with it, often biting him and scratching him. Not wanting to look like he was struggling, T'seya continued acting like the scholar he wasn't even down to the way he'd dress at times. Eventually after getting too frustrated while also being much too stubborn to ask for help, T’seya left the guild to see what there was to learn so his journey wasn’t a total failure.It was here he was enchanted by the appeal of the underbelly, the alleyways and seedy taverns that helped him drown his sorrows with ale and drunken revelry. His looks didn’t go unnoticed either, and before long he found himself the center of attention at time with drunken patrons showering him in compliments and propositions. One man he took to bed was an attractive Ishgardian Elezen he saw in town, taking his chance to charm and get to get to know the man and his interesting weapon of choice. Several rounds later T’seya was blown away by his stamina and curious about what he did for a living, what he’d heard of ‘Dragoons’ sounded interesting. Curious and eager to barter with another go in the sheets he asked the man to tell him more about it. Limsa was fun but this sounded much more interesting, especially if there were more guys like him listed in service.T’seya took to becoming a dragoon rather well, finding the hard labor refreshing and somewhat satisfying to pull off. The praise at his speed in picking up the lance was an ego boost, making him try harder to learn. Here he wasn’t just some Miqo’te all about being the next tribe leader or a failed arcanist, here he was a brave protector of the city, and even when that died down he was an exotic commodity to have in bed he indulged with often with one or more people.Even now T’seya still seeks fulfillment at his core, being a dragoon scratches a lot of that itch and sleeping around makes a good distraction, but he doesn’t want to go back home to his family or settle down for good until he can find someone who wants to stay and be with him, an echo of his childhood dream. Another thing he’d like to do is see all the places his fathers told him of in their stories, to see what lay beyond the borders of Eorzea.


  1. thavnarian roots At his core T’seya has a sense of adventure from all the stories his fathers used to tell him growing up. Thavnair is where he is most interested to see someday, to see all the sights he was told about and have a better connection with his father who was born there. Know of thavnairian culture? Are you someone who's lived or is from there willing to talk of the place? Fellow dancer willing to talk the trade? He’s your guy!

  2. foreign winters These days he lives in Ishgard helping out the city where he can to live up to the name and honor of a Dragoon, but there aren’t many Miqo’te that live in such a frigid city. Visiting the city now that the borders are open and need a guide? Have some nasty wyvern business a sharp lance can settle? Need a familiar face to show you the best taverns to get drunk at? He mostly lingers in the brume, but surprisingly enough he makes for a good tour guide!

  1. search for knowledge One thing he likes to claim most often is that he's a rather intelligent man, a scholar, a student of the Arcanist's guild on a break to see the world. Does he actually know as much as he claims? Feel free to find out! Want to challenge him and try to teach him something worthwhile? Have at it!

  2. on the hunt Something genuinely satisfying to him is being able to do a good job, which sometimes includes helping people in need. Got a hunt that needs a skilled warrior, or if you’re a fellow adventurer do you need a partner to take down a tough mark? He’s one you can approach for gil and glory!

  3. a night on the town (18+) T’seya is no stranger to hooking up in taverns and going home with an attractive man (or men). Will he be your night’s conquest? Or do you wish to try and tackle what can come beyond getting under the sheets?

million dollar gold digger.

  1. NSFW WARNING So, you think you can take my cat on in a fight of the sexy variety? Step into the ring then. His flist can be found here, and as he's of the very explorational (and educational!) sort he's open to a lot of things, if there's something you're interested in doing with him just ask me! In the meantime, have a little teaser.